Auto repair Marketing – 4 Auto repair Advertising Ideas

So, you want to get more cars in your shop to increase your revenues is that correct? Auto fix marketing via the internet is a great way to get more local customers into your shop! Online marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, and with phone books and Yellow Pages fast becoming obsolete, internet marketing is where the real profits are for auto shops. Here I want to share with you 5 auto fix advertising ideas that you can implement into your firm to drastically improve the number of cars you aid on a monthly basis!

1. You must have a website, and it needs to be designed using the WordPress platform. Most websites are basically just “flyers,” but with WordPress you can create great looking websites, concentrate a firm blog, install a form that automatically acquires leads for you, and concentrate your website with Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other online marketing channels. Sounds pretty cool huh? The sad part is that typically an automotive fix shop will hire a web designer, and he will design a website as cheaply as inherent and charge a large sum for the work. The web designer is not a marketing consultant, so instead of designing a marketing engine based on tested internet marketing principles, he simply designs a static site that is not conducive to internet marketing. I see it all of the time when I am look at citizen who are pushing auto fix marketing services.

Auto repair Marketing – 4 Auto repair Advertising Ideas

2. One of the best auto fix advertising ideas revolves around public media. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook are precisely taking off, and smart auto shops are using these auto fix marketing platforms to promote their firm and acquire new customers. The inevitable quiz, is “how can an auto fix shop advantage from Twitter and Facebook marketing?” Those sites are for kids right? Wrong! Facebook has millions of adults logging in on a daily basis, as does Twitter. By being on these sites, you are instantly in front of a large quantum of your local or regional audience. Guess what happens when Sally needs a new transmission, brakes, etc. And she sees your businesses profile on Facebook? You have a new customer! Do a good job repairing her vehicle, and she comes back time and time again. This one man looking your firm profile on Facebook or Twitter could precisely be worth thousands of dollars to your business!

3. Your website needs to appear in local quest results on Google. It is not easy to get listed on the first page of Google and Yahoo, but with some good marketing it can be done. For instance, I am an independent marketing advisor in Atlanta, and I rank #1 on Google for the term “Atlanta independent marketing consultant.” In addition to this, I rank #2 on Yahoo for “Atlanta marketing consultant.” Trust me, having your website ranking very for local keyword phrases can bring you a ton of new business! This is auto fix marketing at its finest! I have beat out over 2,000 websites to get those rankings, so don’t you think I could help your auto fix shop marketing efforts?

4. an additional one great auto fix marketing idea is writing facts articles and press releases. I fantasize you do not have the time to write articles, and precisely do not have the time to put together a well written press release. The good news is that you can get marketing firms to do this for you at a very uncostly price. I have written hundreds of articles promoting by marketing consulting business, and I can tell you it is an impactful and very affordable method to shop your auto fix shop online.

These are just a few auto fix advertising ideas that you can add to your auto fix marketing arsenal. The best thing is to hire a professional marketing advisor who can come in and show you step by step exactly what you need to do to turn your internet marketing efforts into a cash generating engine for your automotive fix business!

Auto repair Marketing – 4 Auto repair Advertising Ideas

How to Fix Windows System32 Errors – "System32 Corrupt Or Missing" Errors Repair

Does your windows XP startup with a System32 corrupt or missing error? Or do you encounter the error when you go to open a specific program? Don’t worry you are not alone, System32 errors a very common problem amongst computer users, and although they can be quite annoying, they can be fixed with the aid of the right tools. I personally came across this dreaded problem myself a few weeks ago as whenever I start my computer I would get this message,

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


It was driving me crazy, so I swarmed the internet to find a quick and easy solution to the problem and eventually I figured out a great way to fix System32 errors. So if you are getting “System32 corrupt or missing” errors and are trying to figure out how to fix the System32 error then continue reading as I will show an easy way to get rid of these problems today.

First of all if you have your Windows XP Recovery Disk then you may able to use that to fix the problem. You will have to insert the disk, select the recovery console and type in a specific code, conduct a search on Google on how to fix system32 errors using recovery disk and you should find a bunch of tutorials that guide you through the process. Although I should warn you that you should be extra careful when messing with the System32 directory, it is the very heart of your PC, and if you type or delete something wrong then it could have drastic effects on the rest of the computer.

Now in case you don’t have a Windows Recovery Disk, or don’t feel comfortable manually messing with the System32 directory then there is a quick and easy fix. However you will have to obtain a decent third party registry cleaner so you can get to the core of the problem, and fix the problems which have been embedded within your registry.

You see the windows registry is filled with vital information that is essential to run almost every single software and hardware installed on your computer. It includes many startup commands which reside in the system32 directory and the more software and hardware you have installed on your PC, the greater the chances that your registry has become corrupt and requires repairing.

A good registry cleaner will scan your computer and list all the current errors residing on your machine and then attempt to repair them. It will conduct a deep cleansing of your system’s Registry, as your computer is probably bogged down with excess junk and corrupt files which have ultimately led to system32 errors. Then the registry cleaner will go into your system files and deep clean them with a unique scanning mechanism.

Even though your Registry can be cleaned manually, it is not an easy task and only recommended for advanced PC users, Even the most technical individual will find the task to be a bit tricky. So your best option is to grab a decent tool and get the job done automatically and efficiently.

Therefore if you are trying to figure out how to fix System32 errors like “System32 is Missing or Corrupt” then you can either try using your windows recovery disk, or grab a good registry cleaner and fix the problem instantly. Personally I had great success with a program called Regcure, with just a few simple clicks I was able to get my PC back to normal and my System32 files were returned to optimal health. Plus with its auto schedule feature I no longer had to worry about regular maintenance of my registry and PC.

Find the Free Auto Repair Manual You Need Online

You can easily get free auto repair manual repair needs you might have. You have access to the Internet and must follow a certain procedure searching for auto repair manuals, but when you have done this procedure several times will be very easy to find the proper instructions to do it yourself auto repair, and will not cost you a penny.

There are four types of automotive description documents that you need to select where you want to do repairs;

General Instructions
Descriptions of Diagnosis
Repair manuals

General Instructions

In addition to general instructions, most of them related to do. Here you can get step by step instructions on how to repair most makes of vehicles on the market. Suppose you have a Honda Acura 2002 model and want to find a manual for this model and brand. What you can do is make a search in the search: “free car manuals + Honda Acura 2002″. Then a long list of places that will give you all kinds of descriptions for the 2002 Honda Acura models, and you can choose what you want.

Descriptions of Diagnosis

Automotive diagnosis manuals can also be divided according to the make and model. But it can also be divided into parts of vehicles that have an impact on issues such as consumption of the motor, brake problems, the problems of cooling the exhaust problems, start and stall problems, transmission problems etc. Let’s say you have a problem start. Your search will be “car diagnosis manual + start problem”, then you should get more than enough repair information to choose from. You can even get diagnostic trees where all options are covered for everything.

Probably more than once I heard some annoying noise somewhere in the car, without finding the source of it. This is one of the situations, the most perverse run because I do not know whether this is a serious signal or just not enough. Some sites give you the opportunity to diagnose vehicle problems through noise, sound and vibrating signals – and it’s great. Before you find it before you can fix it, then you can relax. When you search, you can describe the sound, for example “whine noise” or “shifter house” or “drive vibration” plus car diagnosis manual plus eventually do.

Repair manuals

In addition to regular manuals you can also get very instructive and detailed descriptions in other documents and web pages, such as articles, etc. The natural way to share such repairs before searching, is part of the vehicle in for repair, repair of the body, such as exhaust repair, suspension repair , interior repairs, and even repair your car.

You can do a search in the same manner as above, “car repair manual (or description) + the repair area and go through to get a list of resources.


Although the vehicle is closely associated with the vehicle make and model, some maintenance issues that are very often that you have a Cadillac, VW or Mercedes, for example, changing the oil, replace the air filter, engine wash, fluid maintenance coat maintenance, etc.. You get access to maintenance descriptions by searching for the type of maintenance plus “car maintenance manual (or description)” plus eventually your make and model.

I think you’ll be surprised at the amount of automotive repair free stuff online.